Trump Rally

Some 30 protesters chat "Fascists, go home' to less than a dozen President Donald Trump supporters at the March for Trump at the governmental plaza in Greensboro on June 15. The event asked Trump supporters to "Come out for Trump Take back American pride." The marchers stood in the shade of trees for about 45 minutes trading insults with the protesters before leaving the plaza and walking to a nearby restaurant. A vendor set up tents at the plaza to sell Trump merchandise and at least five Greensboro police officers on bicycles were positioned to keep eyes on the gathered crowd.

Anger is an addiction. Every day we read about another outburst, either from the White House or from the responding Twitter gallery. Every day, we see road rage, read about violence in our neighborhoods, and hear hurtful words at work.

America cannot go 24 hours without anger. It gives everyone a buzz and leaves us less inclined toward adult behavior. It brings with it its own toxicity, weakening body and soul. It’s time to let it go.

Hello, my name is America and I am an anger-holic.

Kurt Lauenstein


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