US House Subcommittee holds hearing in Greensboro (copy) (copy)

US Rep Mark Walker of Greensboro greets people in the room before the US House Subcommittee on Intelligence & Counter-terrorism hearing on human trafficking at the Old Guilford Courthouse in Greensboro on Oct. 28.

In 2018, I ran a campaign to solutions to Congress. I ran against Mark Walker. On Election Night, I called him to concede and asked him if he would make me a promise. I asked him to make every effort to hold Donald Trump accountable and to speak up when he lied or was otherwise unethical. Walker agreed.

I have yet to hear him speak up. In other words, he broke his promise to both me and another 130,000-plus who voted for new leadership in the 6th District.

Walker, who proclaims his Christianity as his chief qualification, should look to his religion for guidance on “thou shalt not lie.” But even now, his disingenuous column in the News & Record (Nov. 5) suggested a lack of transparency, despite Republicans being included in every step of the impeachment process.

And, even when a vote was held to formalize the transparency, Walker hung with partisanship.

Clearly, Walker has lost his way on several fronts and has abandoned all pretenses of putting “people before politics.” Just don’t say we didn’t try to let people know in 2018.

Ryan Watts


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