Please see editor's note below:

Kudos to the News & Record for so quickly covering the childish stunt by Republicans to storm the congressional deposition hearings in your letters to the editor on Oct. 25.

One significant matter not addressed in those and subsequent letters was the national security breach our own Rep. Mark Walker undertook when he first took his cellphone into the secured room of the hearings, but secondly, actually transmitting out from the room on his cellphone. By doing so, he has now become a “marked” man for our foreign adversaries to exploit.

In counter intelligence parlance, he has possibly been compromised by his willingness to ignore rules designed to protect our national security interests. The best thing we can do is to bring him home and keep him away from Washington.

So much for patriotism.

Bill Fullington


Editor's note: According to Rep. Walker's office, he neither recorded nor transmitted images from the room where the deposition was held.

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