Mark Walker (copy)

Rep. Mark Walker, a Republican from Greensboro.

U.S. Rep. Mark Walker’s Counterpoint article (“Inquiry hearings are a tainted process,” Nov. 5) argues that the House efforts to gather information should be run like a trial.

He either poorly understands the impeachment process, has drunk the water of Republican talking points and is confused, or he purposefully wants to cover for the misdeeds of his mentor: the president.

Is it too much to ask that our representative step back a few feet to look at this situation objectively?

Is Mr. Walker not concerned at all that our president might have done some very inappropriate things?

His recent vote suggests that he is not interested in understanding or uncovering the truth. Mr. Walker seems seriously enamored of the glitter of being in Washington and having touched the garments of power.

I implore you, Mr. Walker, to do your duty to the country. Your love affair with Mr. Trump cannot but end badly — as do all his relationships.

Don’t worry; Mr. Trump will get his day in the impeachment court — as he should.

Wayne Foster


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