It seems it was only yesterday that I wrote the N&R about another (ho-hum) mass murder at UNC-Charlotte and pointed out that guns were the common denominator in such massacres.

Now there’s Virginia Beach, and here we go again.

Of course, nothing had legally changed regarding guns in the meantime. There’s a reason we call these atrocities “shootings,” and that’s because even though knives can kill, guns are far more effective.

But John Lester (letter, May 16) did respond to my letter and reminded us all of the Second Amendment and the clause in it that, “in order to maintain a well-regulated militia,” Americans were constitutionally guaranteed gun ownership. He’s right, of course, because in 1791 there were threats from marauding Indians, there was hunting to be done, and the British were still coming, so the necessity did exist.

Perhaps we could again make enrollment in a well-regulated militia one of the prerequisites for certain gun ownership and possession? Lester might have hit on something that could work now and is right out of the Bill of Rights! It’s time to get serious about this uniquely “made-in-the-USA” problem.

Watts Carr


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