I am constantly amazed at the lack of concern for our our country and its inhabitants by our current president. The most recent example is his strong need for last week’s Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C.

He requested tanks and jets on the ground/streets at the mall in D.C. and military jets and the Navy’s Blue Angels to fly. He does not seem concerned about the cost to taxpayers — he just wants a big show!

National park officials report concerns about the damage to the area and the cost to repair. News reports state a Blue Angel jet costs $10,000/hour to operate and the F-35 stealth jet Trump requested costs $30,000 an hour to fly.

All of this really adds up as costs to the taxpayers, when this money should be used for government services! This event seems to really be a political rally for our president and for him to show some other countries how he can compete with their parades and rallies, Should taxpayers be paying for this?

Mary Lee Rembert


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