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President Donald Trump arrives at Fayetteville Regional Airport for a campaign rally, Monday in Fayetteville.

Gary Parker’s repeated pronouncements (letter, Sept. 6) that President Trump routinely embellishes the truth is wearing awfully thin. He seems to think he has made some profound discovery, and that we are oh so fortunate to be recipients of his pearls of wisdom. Now hear this: The general public was well aware of Trump’s penchant for exaggeration, of twisting the truth, his bravado/narcissism, etc., when it chose him over Hillary Clinton for president.

His surprise election speaks volumes about how the general public felt, concerning eight years of an attempt to “fundamentally transform” America. Fortunately, the public awakened from its political stupor and chose not to replace one master deceiver with another.

Trump, with all his faults (of which there are many) has accomplished more, for a broad and diverse group of American citizens than anyone dared predict. I know, I sound like Gary Parker, telling you what you already know. But I promise, I won’t do it again, and again, and again, ad nauseam.

Clyde L. Hunt Jr.


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