Why doesn’t Donald Trump explain his innocence rather than attack his accusers? Or produce people like Rudy Giuliani, Rick Perry, Don McGahn and Mike Pompeo to exonerate him?

If Trump did nothing wrong, why can’t he get his story straight?

First he said, “It never happened, I didn’t delay anything.” He did.

Then he changed to “Well, it did happen,” but, “Why would you give money to a country that you think is corrupt?”

Trump said “No quid pro quo!” but Gordon Sondland, his ambassador and a guy who donated $1 million to Trump’s inaugural committee, said, “Of course there was a quid pro quo!” “Everyone was in on it.”

Mick Mulvaney eventually admitted the truth. “We did it and we do that all the time. Get over it!”

Finally, how is this for political gain? If the president is convicted, Mike Pence is president.

How would you feel if a President Cory Booker or President Elizabeth Warren called China and asked them to manufacture a scandal to smear a GOP nominee? This is not a sham; it’s a constitutional crisis.

Brad Schamp


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