Falwell-Trump (copy)

President Donald Trump and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. greeted Liberty University’s praise choir during commencement in May 2017 in Lynchburg.

I cannot sit quietly by while I watch our constitutional republic morph into a theocracy.

On Oct. 11, three of our highest government officials made public speeches with religious and militaristic overtones.

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr said militant secularists are marshaling their forces in an unremitting assault against “us.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke about fighting to restore our culture at home and abroad in a speech titled “Being a Christian Leader.”

President Trump spoke recently at a campaign rally about the “unholy alliance of corrupt Democrat politicians, deep state bureaucrats and fake news media” — who were all depicted as being slaughtered by Trump in an obscene video shown at Mar-a-Lago that very day.

This call to crusade is antithetical to the ideals that shaped America, and appears to be part of an orchestrated message.

Upon the founding of this nation, when asked what kind of government was established, Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic — if you can keep it.”

It will take resolve and action from each of us to keep it.

I encourage others to hold our representatives accountable, and to support the legal efforts of Americans United and the ACLU to keep religion and government separate.

Karen Skelton


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