President Trump threw a different Fourth of July celebration than our Founding Fathers intended. Not just fireworks to celebrate Independence. Not just people gathering for that and to enjoy a festive atmosphere of laughter and good food.

He wanted tanks on the Washington Mall and a flyover by military jets. Hey, why didn’t we just drive the tanks down Constitution Avenue, followed by 100,000 marching armed troops for the president’s review? Just like they do in Russia, China and North Korea.

This day is supposed to be about celebrating 1776’s Declaration of Independence with fireworks, cotton candy and music. It’s not about partisan touting of any president or political party. It’s certainly not about giving preferred-seating tickets to Trump and Republican Party donors. But that is exactly what was done.

Apparently the president, in a disgraceful example of political grandstanding, spoke in front of the Lincoln Memorial so this great national event of celebrating our country’s Independence could be associated with him.

That was an affront to the Lincoln Memorial and one of this country’s greatest presidents, and to our country.

Gary Parker


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