As the media-induced hysteria over the coronavirus continues to grow, so do the letters to the editors blaming (who else?) President Trump.

This was, of course, not unexpected.

As far as I’m concerned, Trump has made one miscalculation and sadly, it may prove to be a fatal one. He vastly underestimated the number of Americans who have grown so dependent upon government that they are incapable of washing their hands and practicing good hygiene during the flu season without some government “czar” there to hold their hand.

Remember, 12,000 Americans died from the swine flu (including 1,100 children) while Obama met with his Cabinet members to figure out more creative ways to separate working families from their money.

As I write this there have been more than 8,000 deaths worldwide from this particular strain of virus and 112 in the U.S. with the bulk of those from one location in Washington state.

Time to end this madness. Stop the political propaganda from the Trump haters.

John Parson


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