The writer of the Counterpoint published Aug. 28 suggested that the deep divisions in this country began not with President Trump but with his predecessor. I’m afraid I have to agree.

But Mr. Trump divides the country by what he does and, perhaps even more, by what he says and tweets.

President Obama, on the other hand, divided the country just because of who he was. Millions of white Americans were never able to accept an African American as our president.

This national divisiveness began at least as early as Mr. Trump’s insistence that Obama was born in Kenya, and continued with such things as Mitch McConnell’s instructions to fellow Republican members of Congress that their principal responsibility was not to do good things for the American people but rather to make sure that Obama’s was a one-term presidency.

I too lament the disrespect for others’ opinions that so divides us. But President Obama didn’t tweet personal insults at everybody who had the audacity to disagree with him.

And, so far at least, Democratic rallies haven’t been punctuated by cries that Melania should be sent back to Slovenia or that President Trump should be locked up.

Richard G. Cox


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