President Trump has diverted $3.6 billion in funds approved by Congress from 120 military construction projects to a single project to build a section of wall along our southern border.

Eighty million dollars of these funds was designated for projects in North Carolina and will now be spent in states along the Mexican border.

Our congressional representatives, Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis and Congressmen Mark Walker and Ted Budd, should help us understand two things: First, if this $3.6 billion wasn’t really required by the military, why did they appropriate it in the first place? Second, if the money was, in fact, necessary for the military and they did appropriate it properly, what steps are they taking to prevent Trump from shifting this money to a project that Congress did not feel was important enough to fund in the first place?

Who’s in charge of appropriations? I think the Constitution is pretty clear on that one.

However, the Constitution envisions a Congress that is a co-equal branch of government and I’m not sure that is the case anymore.

But perhaps $3.6 billion and $80 million are just bigger numbers to me than they are to our congressional delegation. SAD!

Pete Salassi


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