It is now absolutely clear that our 45th president, Donald Trump, has established a level of corruption within the executive branch of our federal government that presents an existential threat to what Adams and Jefferson called our representative democracy.

While Trump’s daily campaign of lies and disinformation is a cancer on our nation, his naked disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law is poised to strike a mortal blow to our form of government. This, of course, is his goal as he and his supporters openly and brazenly seek to establish the president as a “unitary executive” in direct contradiction to our long-held premise of our federal government consisting of three, co-equal branches.

He openly undermines and mocks the authority of Congress. He shows utter disrespect for the judicial branch — unless it decides things the way he wants — and he calls our Constitution phony. And he openly shows his disdain for our form of government as he actively advances and supports the agenda of Russia at the expense of our allies and American citizens.

None of the things I include in this letter can be contested factually. My question: Will Trump supporters recognize this crisis in time?

Mark Justad


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