The idea that President Trump needed to have any kind of imminent threat, or “Mother, may I?” permission from Congress, to take out a uniformed enemy combatant, with the blood of hundreds of Americans on his hands, is the most ludicrous attack the Democrats and media have launched against him to date. Even the idea that the president has to adhere to some morality code when dealing with thugs, who have no rules except to kill Americans, is equally ludicrous. We need a street fighter.

And don’t tell me “This isn’t who we are.” Who we used to be was the world leader willing to do what was necessary to defeat evil forces in the world, until the doctrine of appeasement and meaningless red lines under Obama took hold.

“Oh, please, don’t make them mad. Just keep a lid on, bribe them with hundreds of billions of dollars and maybe they won’t want to kill us.” Yeah, right. Democrats will have to answer for taking Iran’s side against our president, even as the protests in Iran are now turning against their corrupt leaders in favor of the U.S.

Meanwhile, a thunderous ovation and chants of “USA!” greeted President Trump at Monday’s National Championship football game. Were you listening, Democrats? Are you watching, Kim Jong Un?

William Warner

High Point

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