Vietnam Trump APEC (copy)

Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) and U.S. President Donald Trump talk during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Danang, Vietnam, on Saturday.

Why must we subject ourselves to impeachment inquiries? Why not wait until next November and let the people decide?

Because the role of Congress, spelled out in the Constitution, is threatened by a wannabe despot. President Trump can do more damage, in a week (see Syria and the ISIS resurgence) than America can afford.

By next year he can:

  • Appoint a new Supreme Court justice that the Senate will rush through approval before their power majority dissolves.
  • Divulge more intelligence secrets that U.S. intelligence cannot hide from him.
  • Continue to lie, never admit an error, nor admit regret — surrounding himself with few confirmed advisers who will challenge his self-esteem.
  • Make more secret deals with power mongers of the world — his role models — that serve his personal interests.
  • Throw more (U.S., not Mexican) money into the “wall” that he’ll build to protect us from the “undesirable” immigrants (unlike those immigrants who were our ancestors).
  • Interpret the law, as he sees fit, to protect himself from “illegal” investigations.
  • Lead us into a war to distract from his political problems at home.

We may be forced to endure, but we cannot afford, another Trump year.

Phil Koch


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