After previous mass shootings, the NRA maintained that “a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.” Well, in Gilroy Calif., recently, the shooter was stopped by armed police in 60 seconds. But during that 60 seconds his assault rifle shot 16 people. So much for that failed idea as it applies to assault weapons. So I propose we treat buying an assault rifle in a way comparable to how we treat obtaining an abortion.

1. Get written permission from a parent or spouse.

2. Bring that permission to a local law enforcement agency.

3. Have a 48-hour waiting period.

4. Be required to view multiple images of gun violence carnage.

5. Be interviewed by a professional psychologist to determine emotional eligibility.

6. Have a thorough physical examination to check your health, including your body’s chemical balance.

7. Travel to the single location in your state permitted to sell the rifle, by appointment.

8. Stay overnight, if needed, in that strange city

9. Pay there for a license to register and own an assault rifle.

10. Enter the store walking between rows of shouting people screaming that you are a murderer, or worse.

11. Walk out with the rifle between the same rows of angry people.

Too extreme? Interfering with your freedom to buy such a weapon? We have similar requirements to protect fetuses. What about the victims of hundreds of mass shootings?

James R. Jackson


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