The budget stalemate continues as Republicans in the General Assembly have refused to come to the table to negotiate with the governor to pass a budget that puts families and communities in North Carolina first. Instead of engaging in good-faith negotiations, they’ve offered political pork in exchange for votes.

The GOP conference budget spends more on corporate tax breaks than on higher teacher pay. It includes a slush fund that promises projects that may never be built rather than using a school bond with historically low interest rates to help build new schools. And it does nothing to make health care more accessible for working people.

Gov. Cooper has offered a responsible compromise that invests more in public education and health care, while cutting taxes, saving for the future and balancing the budget. The GOP’s refusal to negotiate is hurting our communities. For example, in Guilford County, expanding Medicaid would create almost 3,751 new jobs, insure approximately 35,194 more people by 2022, and generate $682.8 million in economic growth from 2020 to 2022.

I want to vote for a budget that moves us forward. It’s time for Republican leaders to join us at the negotiating table in a serious effort to advance the best interests of our state.

Rep. Amos L. Quick III


The writer represents N.C. House District 58.

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