I’ve heard that some people are criticizing and even insulting Greta Thunberg for her fiery speech to the United Nations that accused world leaders of the world of not doing nearly enough to stop climate change and of failing future generations.

I, however, agree with her and say that she has every right to be angry. I am absolutely furious that things have gotten this dire. A recent report states that oceans are warming and rising faster than previously thought, painting a grim future for ocean life, glaciers, island nations and the entire planet.

Everything is getting worse faster than ever, and world governments (especially the U.S.) aren’t taking the immediate and drastic action needed to have any chance of lessening the worst effects of the climate crisis.

However, I’ve heard that if we protect and restore forests, wetlands and oceans; drastically increase renewable energy and decrease fossil fuels; expand projects that restore ecosystems, such as regenerative ocean farming; reduce carbon in the atmosphere; pressure governments; vote; and more, we could still fix things.

Some say climate change is now irreversible, and others say there’s still hope but it’s shrinking fast. I pray it’s the latter.

Samuel Dawson


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