Eastern Music Festival Conducting Students (copy)

Eastern Music Festival music director and Maestro Gerard Schwarz (center) conducts along with student Nisan Ak, from Istanbul, Turkey, during a conducting class at Guilford College in Greensboro in 2016.

Most of you who read these words missed a once-in-a lifetime musical experience on July 6, when the Eastern Music Festival Orchestra played the Shostakovich Eleventh Symphony in the Dana Auditorium of Guilford College.

The tragedy was that there were numerous empty seats, as there always are.

In response to the magnificent conducting of Maestro Gerard Schwarz, the members of the orchestra played their hearts out. I have never heard a better performance in the U.S., Europe or Russia.

From the first of the long haunting pianissimos, which would have been impossible for most orchestras, to the glorious, throbbing, exultant passages, the audience sat breathless at the beauty which surrounded them.

Are you one of those who will miss the next three marvelous weeks?

The EMF faculty orchestra is probably the most outstanding of all musical groups in the Triad. It is our TREASURE: outstanding by any measure.

People should be clamoring for tickets!

I am so glad I have mine!

Dr. Grace Adolphsen Brame


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