Trump says he's planning repeat of July 4 event (copy)

President Donald Trump looks up during the military flyovers at the Independence Day celebration in front of the Lincoln Memorial on July 4.

This past Fourth of July has again reminded me why, unlike most citizens, I do not celebrate this revered day.

America is sick and rather than recognizing and treating its diseases, the population has been taught to admire them, perhaps because they are not properly identified.

They are:

  • Unfettered capitalism: The evils of capitalism (misdistribution of wealth, profit over morality, exploitation of workers) are bad enough, but when they are not moderated by government regulation, they augment the other diseases.
  • Imperialism: It is ironic that the United States, once the victim of imperialism, has become the world’s chief purveyor. Weaker countries that resist our attack on their sovereignty are politically bullied, economically boycotted and militarily threatened.
  • Militarism: The U.S. spends more of its budget on the military than the next seven countries combined.

Rather than see this as a waste of dollars urgently needed to provide social benefits, the populace has been propagandized into thinking we have enemies threatening us; that this disproportionate expense is necessary for our defense.

God is always on our side in wars, servicemen and veterans are used to justify support for aggressions, and our weaponry is a source of pride (tanks in shopping malls, jets in flyovers).

George Haeseler


The writer is a U.S. military veteran.

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