Climate protest (copy)

People of all ages gathered on Sept. 20 at the Five Points intersection in Winston-Salem to protest government inaction on climate change. 

A farmer on television looked at his flooded crops. He shook his head and said that farmers have always had to fight the weather. This was nothing new. He was wrong. “This” was a 100-year flooding event. What makes this indeed new and terrifying is that this is the fourth such event to occur within the last 30 years in Iowa.

Climate is always changing. We have had warm periods and ice ages. Since 10,000 years ago we have been in an overall cooling trend. This would have continued for thousands of years if everything had remained the same.

Since the Industrial Revolution humans have introduced fossil fuels, which have released more CO2 and methane into our atmosphere.

In the past when CO2 levels increased the Earth became warmer and when it decreased, colder. But there have been several times in the Earth’s past when the temperature has jumped abruptly in the same way it is doing today, which resulted in mass extinction.

Are we heading for the same fate as the dinosaurs through greed and a refusal to accept what we are seeing for ourselves?

Toni Lindahl


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