In response to Romaine Worster’s criticism of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” which refused to give equal time to the deniers of climate change (column, “NBC’s one-sided climate change discussion,” Feb. 3):

I have to take issue with her comment that “the science is never settled. ... True science is the constant pursuit of more data.” Well, actually, a lot of scientific facts are settled.

The Earth is a spherical, it is not flat.

Yet there is still a “Flat Earth Society” dedicated to the constant pursuit of more data to debunk the theory that the Earth is round. Should we really waste time on such idiots?

Climate change (contributed to by humanity’s use of fossil fuels over the past three centuries) is actually settled science in the same vein as the spherical earth. We really shouldn’t suffer fools on this topic anymore.

The U.S. Department of Defense actually comes down pretty convincingly on the side of climate change ... the data is there; it is a threat to our national security and they are making plans to deal with it.

Right-wing climate change deniers like Ms. Worster should begin by investigating the round-Earth thing.

Kent Boyles


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