I read Mike Sigmon’s attempt at irony in the Sunday letters (“Think ‘bad’ thoughts and they’ll get you,” June 21).

He compared the Black Lives Matter protesters to the Cultural Revolution activists in China in the 1960s.

He noted that the Cultural Revolution was sponsored by its power-hungry leader, Chairman Mao.

The real metaphor is a “Cultural Reinforcement” by Chairman Trump, who seeks to turn one American against another in his quest to speak power to truth.

The educators and universities in China were attacked and plundered, and the media were shut down.

In the United States, Trump and his followers are repeating Chairman Mao’s example with breathtaking anger and speed: attacking scientists, spreading misleading propaganda and demeaning the free press.

The Black Lives Matter protesters are the Tiananmen Square equivalent. Let’s hope Trump doesn’t open fire.

Thanks for letting me set the historical record straight.

Kurt Lauenstein


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