Michael Vick

The NFL is about to reward one of the most violent animal abusers in the history of animal cruelty. For years, Michael Vick, a rich NFL athlete, slaughtered hundreds upon hundreds of dogs in his ugly dog-fighting empire, often killing the dogs by his own hand. Read the testimony and/or the book (“The Lost Dogs”) — it’s an absolute horror story!

Now the NFL wants to honor Vick at the 2020 Pro Bowl. Another supposedly rehabilitated NFL criminal, except that Vick isn’t rehabilitated and isn’t sorry. In his own words: “Yeah, fine, I killed the dogs. I hung them. I slammed them. I killed all of them. I lost (expletive) millions, all over some (expletive) dogs.” Dogs beaten to death, hanged, drowned, electrocuted, shot and otherwise tortured — Vick’s crimes were heinous. In my opinion, he received only a slap on the wrist, and he isn’t sorry, except for the lost “millions”! His prepared statements differ markedly from his spontaneous responses. And now the NFL wants to honor this despicable criminal before the entire nation? Have we no shame?

Bob Gaines


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