Like all conservatives Janice Wangard once again forgets what is actually in the Constitution.

She is so concerned that people that are not citizens and can’t legally vote will be be counted with everyone else in the next census.

Article 1 Section 2 of the constitution states all “free persons including those bound to service (indentured servants) and three fifths of all other persons” (slaves) will be counted. Article 1 also states that the first count will be made within three years after the first meeting of Congress and then every 10 years “in such manner as they by law shall direct.”

It is conveniently forgotten by conservatives that the word “citizen” is never used. Its always “persons.” So, according to the original Constitution, three-fifths of all non-voting slaves AND EVERY non-voting woman were to be included in the count. So how is including everyone in the country today against the Constitution?

As to Wangard’s right-wing talking point about Democrats wanting “illegals” to vote: Find me any democratic candidate who actually made that statement. If this decision upsets her so much, impeach John Roberts. Then we’d finally agree on something.

Roy Charles Moore


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