July is National Parks and Recreation Month and I want to recognize the outstanding efforts of our Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department.

Most people who use our parks, trails, lakes, pools, golf courses, ball fields and community centers don’t see the hard work and dedication that goes into offering our services, but that’s OK. If we do our jobs well, it appears as if things just happen. Our department is routinely recognized for its outstanding work because we provide quality of life, we spur the economy, we protect the environment, we support, we teach and we promote wellness.

I want to shine a light on all of our staff this month because of the tremendous impact on our community they make. The next time you’re at a park, walking a trail, mountain biking, swimming at one of our pools, playing sports or taking a class, think of the countless hours that went into ensuring it is perfect and just smile. After all, your smile is our goal.

Chris Wilson


The writer is an assistant city manager.

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