Our esteemed city manager and City Council are now mulling a 3-cent tax increase. This is just great!

Landlords will now be forced to increase rents on affordable housing, causing many more to become homeless. Check out San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, all with liberal city councils and big homelessness problems with tents and unsanitary conditions. Should we get prepared as well?

Already, property valuations increase every four years, which also causes landlords to raise their rents on affordable housing. This is a hidden tax that provides the city with a guaranteed financial bonanza. One would think our city could operate very well within these increases.

Also, every city department’s budget could be reduced significantly if it were so willed, as those in power know how to create useless jobs, fancy titles, red tape and paper pushing. Poor trees.

It seems our politicians always ask for more each year. Ours can now dance merrily down the road to the Tanger Center, which most taxpayers will never be able to afford to attend.

Robert Dabbs


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