Longtime Summerfield resident Danny Nelson knows a lot of people and a lot of people know just what kind of man Danny Nelson is: honest to a fault, generous and humble and with never a disparaging remark for anyone who may not share his point of view.

Danny doesn’t seek praise nor the spotlight. Giving of himself comes naturally.

When the present town hall was given to the newly incorporated town of Summerfield, Danny donated countless hours of his time and labor to renovate the 100-year-old-plus building.

At the first town fishing event it was Danny, at his own expense, who cleared the banks around School House Lake of briars and poison ivy to make it possible for the children to fish safely.

Danny was one of the driving forces to help raise money and supervise the building of the Summerfield Veterans’ Memorial.

Danny Nelson will always step up to the plate when the town needs him and the town needs him now. Summerfield needs a man of Danny Nelson’s character and integrity as our mayor.

Robert and Alicia Flowers


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