There’s no such thing as nonpartisan redistricting.

North Carolina has a long history of gerrymandering that reaches back more than 100 years, when Democrats were in the majority.

Students at N.C. A&T and elsewhere object to their college being split down the middle into two voting districts. But my concern is whether these students — especially out-of-state students — should be voting in our local elections to begin with.

They can vote for our local representatives, state representatives and national representatives, plus bond issues that the local taxpayers must pay back.

Why not have them vote in their home districts by absentee ballot?

In Greensboro alone, there are more than 30,000 college students. Some are residents of Greensboro and North Carolina but many are not.

What prevents the out-of-state students from voting here and in their home districts in another state?

A better solution would be to only allow voter registration in North Carolina to established residents of the state; the out-of-state students should register in their home states and vote there.

Max Madrin


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