My husband has health insurance through his employer, UNCG; i.e., he’s on the State Health Plan. Now, thanks to Republican State Treasurer Dale Folwell and the Republican-controlled legislature’s concern with cost over care, my family is facing ugly realities. Either we’ll have to try to scrape up extra money to pay the outrageous out-of-network costs SHP demands, or my husband will lose the doctor he has had for the past five years and we will have to try to find someone — anyone — who’s still part of the newly severely constricted SHP network.

I see the same doctor my husband does but, luckily for me, I’m covered by Medicare so there will be no break in the continuity of my care and no extra out-of-network costs for our family to bear.

Here’s what I hope: The next time some Republican politician tries to tell you that Medicare for All is a bad idea because it will limit your health care choices and cost way too much, think about what those same Republicans are putting more than half a million state employees and their families through now.

Christina Peterson


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