The N&R you’re holding is a treasure of increasing value because it’s a diminishing resource being malignantly replaced by the faulty, scattered and divisive fountains of fancy we call “social media.” Authentic newspapers are burning in the vapor trail of apocryphal internet trash which no one can swear isn’t beaming from Trump’s bunk in the White House or Putin’s perch in Moscow.

In the Aug. 18 edition, I found reason to praise and haze your editorial staff for its ironically contrasting columns on this very subject. First, huge kudos for Charles Davenport’s insightful column portraying the printed local paper as the most vital element in building and maintaining diverse communities.

While Davenport’s fountain of truth so nobly flows, the N&R puts Community Editorial Board member Romaine Worster’s vacuous defense of Trump’s bigoted “go home” Tweet against four U.S. congresswomen on page one of Ideas! Worster’s point in a nutshell: It is biblically “wrong” to criticize Trump’s terrible tweet because at the end of his ignorant post (they were three-fourths “from” America), he sarcastically asks them to return to the U.S. after they “fixed things” in their horrible countries of implied origin.

So, again, grateful praise for Davenport’s sage and graceful steerage and — at the same time — yawns for Worster’s poppycock.

Robert R. “Dusty” Schoch

High Point

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