Food Stamp Changes Could Be Coming (copy)

A sign directs visitors as they enter the waiting room at the Guilford County Department of Social Services in 2016 in Greensboro.

In response to Walter J. Sperko’s letter (“Dems’ good intentions vs. their bad policies,” Aug. 22):

Mr. Sperko, in an effort to make a point about “Democratic polices,” you mentioned “black families” as though they were responsible for what I assume you believe is an outrageous cost for welfare. Perhaps some facts about the SNAP program could help shed some light on your point.

I am aware that some folks on the right have “alternative facts.” But, I think most people with average intelligence or above will appreciate just plain facts.

So here are a few “plain facts” about SNAP, or food stamps:

  • 33% of recipients are families with members who are elderly or have disabilities.
  • 44% are working families.
  • 44.2% are white ; 25.7% are African American households with children recipients receive an average benefit of $128 per month.
  • Households with disabled non-elderly recipients receive an average benefit of $103 per month. Households with elderly recipients receive an average benefit of $107.

Are you aware of a family of any description that can feed themselves for $130 per month? There is the McDonald’s $1 menu (three meals x $1=$3 x 30 days = $90. That works.

These families just need some economics 101 training. Wouldn’t you agree?

Steve Gilley


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