Tiger 2.0 (copy) (copy)

A new bond project being proposed by the Greensboro Science Center would enhance the Malayan tiger exhibit to allow the mammals to walk above visitors.

A lot of great people and organizations in Greensboro are looking at workforce development, retention of graduates from local universities, recruitment of new businesses to our community, and so much more. Simultaneously, we need to finally focus on a creative vision and tourism plan for Greensboro and Guilford County.

People and businesses are innately drawn to communities where “quality of life” is driven by a sense of innovation and perpetual dynamism linked to the history, character, culture and unique features of a particular location.

Greensboro’s vast green spaces, our blue denim roots, our Revolutionary War history, our evolving arts culture and our three-in-one approach to immersing families and new visitors in the life sciences (Greensboro Science Center) are just a few examples of core themes that are rich and ready to be cohesively wrapped into a vision that sets Greensboro apart.

As we work in silos and vacuums trying to manage, build and reinvent our individual projects, imagine a carefully created tourism task force with the sole purpose of first defining and then ultimately designing a comprehensive portrait of Greensboro.

It is time that we better understand the treasures we already have, mine our imaginations and envision an even greater economic future through smart tourism.

Glenn Dobrogosz


The writer is CEO of the Greensboro Science Center.

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