Sen. Burr is being sued by a shareholder of Wyndham Hotels for using inside information to benefit himself. As Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, he got inside information in time to adjust his stock portfolio before the public was blindsided by the news. That is insider trading.

An investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission should begin immediately. He used facts from briefings to protect himself yet had no sense of urgency to sound the alarm to the general public or even within the Senate leadership. In fact, his public actions and words downplayed the coming disaster.

In February only after he readjusted his own portfolio did he warn a select group of wealthy North Carolina donors in a pay-to-attend event saying “this could be worse than the 1918 flu to our health and economy.” I wonder how many of these private-party attendees acted on his insider information as well.

Burr is a disgrace to the office and to this state. He could have led but was silent. He could have helped prepare his state for what was coming but was MIA. It’s so discouraging to see yet another politician using his or her position for enrichment. Sen. Burr must resign.

Eleanor Herndon


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