Gov. Roy Cooper is now panicking, and he is proving that he is not able to handle the job of governor.

Cooper is admitting defeat by closing schools for an additional eight weeks until May 15.

Cooper is overreacting, and sending a negative message of no hope to our citizens.

There has been a lot of discussion about the mental stress that the closings will put on people. The best way to deal with stress is physical exercise.

So, why is the governor closing the gyms and fitness centers?

Why not restrict the number of people who can work out at the same time? Cooper’s actions will greatly increase people’s stress levels by not allowing them to work out on a regular basis — which will cause long-term health problems.

Cooper no longer cares about the thousands of people who will lose their jobs and homes because of his actions. He has already vetoed the General Assembly budget twice, showing that he is against pay increases for the teachers and other N.C. state employees.

It is time for Cooper to announce that he will not run for reelection, for he is obviously not up to the job.

Wayne Ford


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