I write this letter to express my support of Superior Court Judge Bill Wood in his quest to win election to Superior Court, Guilford County, District 18D.

My wife and I were the victims of an extremely violent home invasion and assault in Greensboro. The events of the assault were horrific, resulting in both of us being hospitalized.

The Greensboro Police captured our assailant, and our case was assigned to then-prosecutor Bill Wood. Bill successfully prosecuted the case, and our assailant was sentenced to a term of imprisonment that provided an enormous amount of closure for us all. There are no words to express our appreciation of Bill’s superb effort on behalf of all the citizens of Guilford County to successfully remove a very dangerous, habitual felon from the streets of our city.

Gov. Roy Cooper appointed Bill to be Superior Court judge in Guilford County. On Nov. 6, Bill is facing an election to retain his judgeship and to continue to serve the citizens of our county and state.

My family and I intend to fully support Bill Wood in his bid to win election. We urge you to consider joining this effort with your support.

Frank Little


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