So, you’re a staunch conservative and a proud Republican. Why?

Everything the Republican Party stands for is intended to keep us in our place.

They are against unions, against affordable health care, against raising the minimum wage, against raising taxes on corporations and the very wealthy. Under George W. Bush, they even tried to privatize part of Social Security and voucherize Medicare.

They did succeed in cutting overtime pay by changing job descriptions to add “manager” or “supervisor”, e.g., “manager of trash collection,” adding money to company profits!

Remember the Volkswagen factory in Tennessee? Volkswagen offered employees a chance to vote for a union (collective bargaining and more) and it looked as if it would pass until Sen. Bob Corker stepped in. Wonder how those folks are doing nowadays.

It’s not just Republicans in the federal government; states are just as determined to cut us out of the loop. Our Republican-led N.C. legislature refuses to expand Medicaid, denying at least 500,000 patriotic North Carolinians affordable care and cutting services in rural hospitals or even closing them.

Wake up, folks. We’re Americans first and we deserve better!

Joan Sova


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