Marinated with self-righteous hypocrisy, mendacious and uncourageous Mark Walker whines today (Nov. 5) to cover his toady support and irrational defense of a corrupt, inept, erratic, democracy-killing Donald Trump. Walker’s “counterpoint” backfires spectacularly, confirming he knows little about the Constitution, the House’s impeachment inquiry process and what constitutes a judicial hearing.

Adhering to rules from past Republican-led House proceedings (remember the secret Benghazi hearings?), with Democrats and Republicans in attendance, the current impeachment inquiry began within a confidential context similar to a grand jury, which is markedly different from a judicial hearing.

Now that transcripts of impeachment inquiry depositions are becoming public, Walker can bask in his ignorance of the now transparent process.

In Walker’s muddled mind, he mistakenly, embarrassingly equates his involvement in an uncivil frat-boy raid of a secure hearing room with the legitimate civil disobedience in 2016 when heroic Congressman John Lewis and colleagues participated in an actual sit-in on the House floor to force votes on gun-safety issues.

That “good trouble,” as Lewis explained then, is not the same as the stunt of Walker’s raiders, illegally crashing into a secure hearing room only to produce fetid, putrid partisan flatulence.

Ivan Saul Cutler


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