Lee Zacharias’ letter (Aug. 17) warns us about legislating religious beliefs into law and resulting conflicts when people are forced to behave “correctly.” North Carolina’s law denying marriage rights to homosexuals is just one example.

Recent letter writers believe legislation using “infallible” biblical sources plus a vote is the essence of democracy and judges’ overturning Amendment One-type laws are “rogue,” using ideologies rather than law. Such laws have supported slavery, racial discrimination and no buying gas Sunday mornings in Greensboro. Hopefully, we would not tolerate these today.

America’s core values include equal rights, justice and freedom. We don’t want invasions of our privacy, restrictions of freedoms or inequality. Our founders were seeking religious freedom; our Constitution ensures that. Early colonists did not want a “state church” and even forbade ministers from officiating at weddings, considered a civil matter.

Americans would be very upset if government told religions what to believe and preach. Likewise, we must be vigilant about religions setting governmental policies. Government is to serve society and to uphold our constitutional protections. By protecting the rights of the few, we protect the rights of all. Denying equal rights based on a religious interpretation of genetic makeup threatens the rights of each of us.

Dan Fisher


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