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Laura Wolf adds to a bin recently of recyclable glass at the drop-off site on Price Park Drive in Greensboro. 

Why do we no longer have drop-off recycle bins? There is a very simple answer. We had them and we blew it. A small minority of the residents of Greensboro are a bunch of slobs. The recycle bins are for recyclable material, they are not garage receptacles and their location is not a dump for your day-to-day garbage.

There used to be recycle bins behind Costco, Smith High School and Hester Park which were nothing but garbage dumps and an eyesore to everyone. I am sure these are just a small example as they are the ones I have used. Why should the men working at the recycling facility have to work in that kind if filth. It belongs in the landfill not a recycling facility.

It is always a small portion of the population that ruins it for everyone else. We have all seen this scenario played out many times and it is never going to end. I wonder how many of those slobs who deposited their trash illegally were checking their surroundings to see if anyone was watching — probably all of them. They knew what they were doing was illegal, but what the hell, it’s only garbage.

Bob Slone


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