Read my lips: Just leave the comics pages alone.

You keep “Doonesbury” in the Sunday paper. You keep the unfunny “Judge Parker.” You keep “Wumo,” which makes no sense half the time but kick out “Non Sequitur” for a strip about owning two cats. You’ve never defended Donald Trump before.

You also got rid of “Over the Hedge” and it wasn’t offensive. Are you trying to take the funny out of funny pages — to make the comics uncomical?

I don’t like several of the comic strips, so I don’t read them. The comics you’ve dumped are probably the more costly ones and you want to save money. How much will you save when you lose more readers because of your changes? My family has been receiving a Greensboro paper at our home since 1930. That’s three generations of subscribers.

Bless your heart, I know you can’t help not having much of a sense of humor. You need to leave the comics alone — quit changing them — and do not remove “Non-Sequitur.” I need to see how the bears will again try to trap the humans.

Elizabeth Hart


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