President Trump believes that Megan Rapinoe, voted the most valuable player in the Women’s World Cup, is being disrespectful to our country because she has said clearly that she would not come to the White House if invited. But Ms. Rapinoe does not disrespect our country, she disrespects him. There is a big difference.

A great many Americans dearly love our country but do not respect him. Most people, even most Trump supporters, will tell you that they cannot respect a pathological liar, which this man is. If you use his reasoning to determine whether someone disrespects our country, then you would have to agree that there were many people who disrespected our country when President Obama was in office.

He couldn’t say a thank-you without being criticized and vilified by many of the same people who support Trump. President Trump, who, most of the time, sees everything as being about him, needs to recognize that, in this case, it is indeed about him, not the country. But sadly, he is incapable of doing that.

Lee A. Gable


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