We are in the midst of a pandemic and health care is more important than ever. It is unconscionable that the Republican leaders of the General Assembly stubbornly refuse to expand Medicaid, which would save lives and bring billions of desperately needed federal dollars into our state.

Rural hospitals are closing and hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs — including many of our essential workers who do not have insurance.

More than 208,000 North Carolinians currently have no realistic access to health insurance. With Medicaid expansion, an additional 626,000 people would be covered and more than 42,000 jobs would be created over the next five years. Our state is one of only 14 not to have expanded Medicaid coverage. The numbers make it a no-brainer: The federal government pays 90% and hospitals pay the other 10%.

It seems the only way we will get this fiscally responsible and humane change is to elect new leadership. Nicole Quick is running in House District 59 and expanding Medicaid is one of her top priorities. She will fight for better health care for all North Carolinians.

Please join me in voting for Nicole Quick this November.

Pamela Rosendale


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