Those who choose to believe that Trump “made America great again” should consider our nation’s current position. The only thing their “dear leader” hasn’t depreciated is our standing as the No. 1 nation in deaths due to COVID-19. Although Brazil, with its own know-nothing populist president, is making a run at us, we appear to be safely in the lead with 118,000-plus deaths to their 50,000. Other nations are beginning to wonder openly how the U.S. can be doing such a bad job at controlling our outbreak.

Trump supporters who follow his lead at disdaining masks or social distancing in the name of personal freedom need to realize that this behavior is having the opposite effect. France, Germany and a number of other nations are turning Americans away due to our likelihood of carrying the virus. Others will let us come as long as we quarantine for 14 days after arriving.

Of course, this is of little concern to those of us who are afraid to share a plane with our fellow countrymen. One has to question whether Trump has actually been working to weaken our nation by dividing us against ourselves. Putin likes Trump; we shouldn’t.

Wayne Hale


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