It is no secret that I despise President Barack Hussein Obama. My loathing of him increased tenfold since the terrorist attack in Paris by Islamic extremists. This narcissist coward would not stand with other world leaders in solidarity opposing these terrorists. He can’t even bring himself to say “Islamic terrorists.”

He is a disgrace! Beheadings of Americans — he goes golfing!

I blame him and his insane ideology for many of the problems we face in the world and for problems he has created here at home. He dislikes this country. He doesn’t seem to care about our security. He wants open borders and doesn’t care who comes across illegally. The blame for the next attack on our country rests squarely on his shoulders. He does not condemn the Caliphate. Israel and our other allies wonder where he stands on issues concerning their security. There has been more unrest in the world since he took office. And the racial tensions in this country have only gotten worse, too. I believe this is a deliberate tactic on his part.

I can’t stand this guy and what he is doing to our country and how he has badly affected the world in general.

Debbie Hill


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