Trump doubles down on striking cultural sites in Iran (copy)

President Donald Trump speaks during an “Evangelicals for Trump Coalition Launch” at King Jesus International Ministry Friday in Miami. 

President Trump’s reckless decision to assassinate Iranian General Soleimani has raised the stakes for war with Iran to a dangerous degree. He continues to taunt the Iranians on Twitter with warnings about 52 sites targeted for destruction. Already 3,500 troops from Fort Bragg have been deployed to the Middle East. We can only hope that the president’s actions don’t prolong the endless war that Trump himself condemns and that has cost countless American lives and money.

President Trump has a long list of failed foreign policy actions: for example, his misplaced trust of dictators Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin, his withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear weapons agreement and the Paris climate treaty, his betrayal of our Kurdish allies in Syria, and his withholding of military aid approved by Congress to defend Ukraine.

Because Trump lacks the discipline and judgment to make wise foreign policy decisions in the U.S.’s interest, Congress should immediately revoke the Authorization for the Use of Military Force given to President Bush in 2002. Reps. Budd and Walker and Sens. Burr and Tillis must support restraint on President Trump before he further escalates to World War III.

Denise Baker


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