What makes a man spend a lifetime being an inmate sponsor? I know what drives my friend, Claude “Pop” Jarrell Jr., to do it: strong faith, a desire to give second chances and an opportunity to work with the men and women of the N.C. Department of Corrections. Almost as long as Pop has been a men’s licensed hair professional, he has been sponsoring men for early release from prison to give them a hand up.

Recently, Pop shared with me the outstanding service of many of the men providing opportunities to change lives at the Davidson County Correctional Facility. William Glick, superintendent; Dwayne Baker, assistant superintendent; Bernard Flaherty, program director. They are trusted with guarding the safety of citizens as well as guiding the future of the men who one day will re-enter society.

Over the years, Pop has watched and learned from these great leaders, always looking for ways to give inmates opportunities to change their future. Pop prays with these leaders that Christ will open their eyes to see the inmates as Christ sees them. Still, prison is a living hell on Earth; strong leadership is required with these men and their families. I am proud to call Pop my friend; much is to be learned from the wisdom of these men who deal with “the least of these” each day.

Terry Miller


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