As a student at N.C. A&T State University, I am working as a volunteer with the Borgen Project this summer.

I am focusing my current advocacy efforts toward the Borgen Project’s work to eliminate poverty and hunger worldwide. Those very critical issues have always caught my attention because of the widespread cases of poverty and hunger throughout North Carolina.

The Borgen Project is a nonprofit that is based in Seattle and that works to make poverty a stronger focus of U.S. foreign policy. It has provided me with an opportunity to work in concert with many other citizens who are dedicated to making sustained efforts toward the elimination of poverty worldwide.

Poverty has been a persistent problem in our nation. A multitude of organizational groups both for profit and nonprofit have been engaged in many efforts to eliminate poverty in general and hunger in particular in America and in nations worldwide.

Because of those efforts over many years, we have been able to successfully reduce gaps between poor communities and other communities.

Unfortunately, far more attention and work is necessary in order to move closer toward the ultimate goal of eliminating poverty and hunger in America and around the world.

Consequently, we need your help, advocacy and support for federal legislation that will address those critical issues.

Nijee Brown


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