I am writing to express my concern over the Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate.

The MVP currently stretches across Pennsylvania and West Virginia, but a proposed plan extends it farther into Virginia and then into Rockingham and Alamance counties in North Carolina.

The pipeline would impact the Haw River, Dan River and Roanoke River. It also would cut right through any streams and tributaries along these rivers and destroy habitat.

The shale gas running through the pipelines in West Virginia and Pennsylvania has contaminated the water where it is being extracted. It also is leaking methane.

This is not something I want to be extended into the area in which I live — nor is it something we need because it would increase dependence on fossil fuels and release of greenhouse gases. The leaks can pose threats to nearby communities because fracked gas is explosive. Additionally, if the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approves the extension, property for it can be taken from land owners under eminent domain.

We need to start looking at renewable energy sources, such as wind farms and solar panels. Any money spent on this pipeline is money taken from cleaner energy plans. I strongly oppose the Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate.

Maryam Farahani

Browns Summit

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